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W1: Are all timber windows custom made?
All Teal window joinery products are designed & manufactured in Australia. Whilst Teal manufacture windows to standard sizes, custom designed windows are readily made to meet customer requirements. Custom manufactured windows usually add only a small amount to final cost if any.
W2: Does Teal design custom timber windows?
Teal are experts in the design of custom windows. The team at Teal will willingly work with you to acheve your desired look & operational outcome.
W3: Are Teal windows manufactured to Australian standards?
All Teal windows are manufactured to Australian standards. For customer's safety Teal Windows glaze all units to Australian Glazing Standard AS1288 (2006). Teal window products comply with AS 2047 (1999) as fully tested by the National Accredited Testing Authority (NATA) Laboratory. Teal's windows exceed the required Australian Standard 2047 and achieve air-conditioning rating for the Air Infiltration test. The Air Infiltration test tests the volume of air gained or lost through a window unit with the benchmark set at 5 litres/m2. Teal's window units all test less than 1litre/m2, substantially exceeding the benchmark. Teal Windows air-conditioning rating enables customers to achieve greater energy efficiency in their homes. Heating and cooling loss through windows can increase energy costs, a situation best avoided where possible.
W4: How do I chose the appropriate energy efficient glass for Teal timber windows?
As a first step the Basix rating for the building project needs to be established. Teal Windows and Doors can help customers determine the appropriate glass specifications for their project. Once a Basix rating has been established the desired glass type needs to be select. Go to Teal's Glass page for detailed information about glass.
W5: Can I have insect screens fitted to my Teal windows?
All Teal windows can be screened, even large bi-fold windows. There are many different ways to screen window openings. Enquire about Teal's Insect Screen Systems.
W6: Are insect screens included in the price of Teal's windows?
Some customers do not require window screens. Teal's window screens are supplied at additional cost to window units.
W7: Does Teal fit window hardware in their factory?
Teal installs all hardware to all types of windows in-factory. Sourcing and selecting the same colour hardware across a range of window types is achievable but sometimes can be quite difficult. Hardware finishes available include stainless steel, satin or polished chrome, clear anodized aluminium, satin silver, PVD gold, polished gold, mahogany, black and other powder coated colours. Teal willingly assists customers to determine the hardware type and colour needs for their windows. Go to Teal's Hardware page for further information. Contact Teal for further assistance.
W8: What pre-cautions do I need to take prior to installing Teal windows on-site?
All Teal timber windows need be stored on-site in a clean and dry area away from possible contamination by water, cement, lime, paint, acid, plaster, welding splatter and other contaminates. Teal windows stored on concrete that is not fully cured need to be elevated at least 50mm above the concrete to allow for sufficient ventilation. To comply with Teal's joinery warranty timber must be sealed within 48 hours of delivery on-site and recoated after 90 days if not finish coated. Sealed Teal windows installed in masonary should be fully covered in builders plastic to protect the joinery from masonary debris during construction.
W9: Do I need to install flashing when fixing windows to building walls?
All window units should be flashed during installation as per the Australian Building Code.