Teal timber windows and doors Bifold Door Hardware
Teal timber bifold door hadles, latches and flushbolts

Teal Tiber Windows has a selection of Bifold door hardware to give your home your own individual touch.

Please Note

No lever locks are needed when there are an even number of doors folding one or two ways.

When there are an odd number of doors folding in either direction and the access door is not rebated but closing against an even number of doors on the opposite side, the hardware will be the same as for single doors.

Bi-fold units containing an odd number of doors folding both ways the doors that meet will need be rebated and be fitted with french door hardware.

For Bi-fold units with narrow door styles a small range hardware as shown below is available. Narrow door units with single door operation require a 49201
mortice kit and narrow doors with a french door operation require the 49201 mortice kit and 94210 rebate kit.

Teal Bifold Door Hardware

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