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Timber Windows & Doors Fire Rating BAL BZ

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Source: Australian Standard AS-3959
BAL BZ - Extreme Frame Timber Door Sash Timber Window Sash Timber Glass Metal mesh screens Seals
Windows less than 400mm above ground or less than 400mm above deck or floor Timber windows not acceptable
Windows over 400mm above external floor
Glazed Doors Timber doors not acceptable
Sliding Doors
Bi-fold Doors
Compliant Solid Doors including 400mm high kick plate
Non-compliant Solid Doors
Garage Doors
Bushfire Shutters Shutters to be manufactured from non-combustible material with no perforations and comply with relevant Australian Standards
1. The information above is a simplified version of the Bushfile Code AS3959 as at April 2014. The Bushfire Code AS3959 is subject to regular revision and as such the information above should be used as a guide only. Builders and owners should establish the appropriate window or door fire rating specifications on a per job/project basis with an approved BPAD (Building Planning & Design) consultant or certifier.

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