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Teal Timber Windows has glass for every application from everyday clear glass to high performance energy efficient glass.

High performance energy efficient glass is designed to improve comfort levels in your home by reducing heat or cold transfered through the glass. High performance energy efficient glass also helps to reduce penetration of UV rays into the home or building.

We also specialise in Acoustic (noise reduction) glass for domestic and commercial premises.

All glazing by Teal Windows is completed to Australian Standards (AS 1288). The glass is set on a bead of silicon and a timber glazing bead finishes the glazing.

The most common glass used includes:

* Clear - 3mm to 19mm in float glass or 4mm to 19mm in toughened.
* Clear - 6.38mm to 12.38mm laminated.
* Tinted - 4mm to 12mm and 6.38mm to 12.38mm in Grey / Bronze / Green.
* Translucent white laminate - 6.38mm or 10.38mm.
* Obscure Safety Glass comes in many different patterns and textures is supplied as toughened or laminated glass.
* High Performance Glass - Low E:
i) Evergreen (soon to known as Super Green) - available in 4, 5, 6, 6.38, 10.38, 12.38mm glass.
ii) Comfort Plus - 6.38mm laminated available in slightly opaque clear, neutral, green or grey.
iii) Comfort Save - 4.6mm float or toughened in clear, neutral or grey.
iii) Super Grey - available in 3, 5, or 6mm can be fabricated into toughened, laminated or insulated glass.
iv) Super Blue – available in 4, 6 or10mm can be fabricated into insulated units.
v) Frontline – A unique development to help protect your home from devastation of bushfire. Other fire rated glass products are available to achieve the required standard.

The latest glass information, updates and product changes can be found at www.viridianglass.com