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A superior seal system means the Teal timber bi-fold window is fully water proof. When open Teal bifolds improve ventilation and allow natural light into rooms. When closed the Teal bi fold window will block out the worst of the weather. Teal uses Centor Architectural Tracking and hardware which is smooth to operate.

Bi-folds, sometimes know as concertina windows, can have a various number of opening sashes with a different number of sashes folding in either direction. Most bi-folds can be supplied with a rollaway or bi-folding screens.

Bifolds make a great kitchen window when combined with a servery bench out onto a deck or any area you wish to maximise the view.

Standard features

* Superior Centor Architectural tracing system.
* Key locked flush bolts.
* Fully sealed units.
* Ezy adjustment of sashes.
* Handle hinge combination.


* Different hardware styles & colours.
* Louvre galleries or sashless double hung systems can be fitted into bi-fold sashes.
* Federation or Colonial bar or custom designs.
* Custom variations & designs.
* Extra wide sill to form a servery bench.
* Insect screens can be fitted as retractable or bi-folding screens.


Teal timber Bifold Windows